Brandmatter | LA is work by muiltidisciplinary designer, Mikie Krisztal.

Why not just call it mikiekrisztal.com then?  Well.. mostly because Krisztal is too hard to spell, especially on the phone. S as in snake, Z as in zebra, T as in Tom. It's a nightmare. Plus, BrandMatter makes sense and sounds "sciency" which is good for business. 




Mikie is a multi-disciplinary Creative Director with a proven track record building successful brands from the ground up. Frequently a one man creative army, Mikie has created products, packaging, websites, as well as retail and trade-show displays. 

Expertise includes:

• Tradeshow & POP Design
• Concept Generation
• Social Media Marketing
• Leading Design Teams

• Brand / Identity Design
• Industrial Design
• Web Design & Wire Framing
• Packaging Design (Technical & Creative)